It may seem straightforward, but in the eyes of the law here, a foreigner is someone who is not a Singapore citizen, company, limited liability partnership or society. As long as you meet none of these criteria, but are working and living here legally, you are considered a foreigner and are subject to the laws governing foreign ownership of property in Singapore. If you are thinking about can foreigners buy landed property in Singapore then our professionals are here to guide you.

Know which types of property purchases require government approval, and which do not. Typically, foreigners buying landed residential property in Singapore do not need approval from the Singapore Land Authority if the property is a strata landed home in an approved condo development, or leasehold residential property in a landed estate for a maximum term of seven years, including any further term which may be granted via an option for renewal.

Can Foreigners Buy Landed Property In Singapore

Can Foreigners Buy Landed Property In Singapore

Foreigners need approval to buy other types of landed residential property, including bungalows, terrace and semi-detached homes, and strata landed houses not within approved condo developments under the Planning Act, such as cluster houses or townhouses.

After the new regulation it means that expats can now buy either a landed house or an apartment. However, there are certain requirements and conditions that are important to take into consideration. Based on the new regulation an expat can buy a landed house under the right-of-use category for an initial period of few years. After this period, the foreigner can extend the ownership twice, once by few years and then extend it by a further few years (hence ownership can reach a total of few years). Moreover, ownership of the house is inherited by the foreigners’ offspring.

However, if the foreigner (or its heir) leaves to reside in another country, then he/she needs to release or transfer the ownership rights to another person who meets all requirements to own the property (this can be another foreigner or citizen) within one year after departing. If ownership is not released within one year after the expat has left Singapore, then the singapore government has the right to confiscate the house.

Several times, as a foreigner in Singapore, be unsure whether buying property in Singapore foreigners is the best investment option for you. The reason is not far-fetched as an investment in the real estate is capital intensive, and no one wants to lose his hard-earned cash.

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Purchasing real estate in Singapore as a foreigner is a good investment. In a bid to adequately determine whether or not buying property in Singapore foreigners is a wise decision, it is good you look at the fundamental rationales that underscore purchasing land properties all over the globe. Long-term investments like lands and houses rank as one the most valuable.

However, if you are the enterprising expatriate who has been thinking “can foreigners buy property in Singapore,” you should know you can. Find some reasons why purchasing a real estate in Singapore one of the best investment you can ever make tips for finding quality office spaces.

Reasons Foreigners Purchase Property in Singapore

Perhaps, you have always asked can foreigners buy landed property in Singapore?, Let’s consider the reason why people acquire real estate in Singapore in the first instance. People invest in the property market for a myriad of reasons. For some, buying property in Singapore foreigners is a means of getting a residency permit in Singapore.

On the other hand, some people had the cash and discovered that investing in landed property in Singapore is one of the best means to spend it and allow it to yield profit with time. We can logically conclude that people are buying real estate as a family home, for the holidays or to increase their investment span and generate profit from it.

Perhaps you are an expatriate who has been residing and working in Dubai; it is possible that you get tired of the rent you pay yearly. Then, you might be considering buying property in Singapore as opposed to renting same. However, the relevant question is can foreigners buy landed property in Singapore and meet up with his mortgage obligations?

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You can apply for a mortgage once your salary is up to some Dh 15,000 monthly. Singapore housing market is very robust and vibrant, and a lot of affordable homes are in the market you can opt for. When you want to buy property in Singapore foreigners, there are some factors you ought to always consider. The neighborhood friendliness, the cleanliness, necessary infrastructure, and security, all of which is satisfactorily available in Singapore.

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