Soho at Central Clarke Quay properties typically come with its signature high ceiling, allowing for more flexibility for space planning and providing an environment that is suitable for one to work, play and live. The space within SOHO apartments embodies this creative spirit with its flexible spaces, giving its owner free-play to extend living spaces horizontally as well as vertically and to reimagine their work-and-live space.

It is also not uncommon to find SOHO-styled apartments located in central districts to ensure a high connectivity to the most coveted districts in Singapore. There is thus little wonder that SOHO-style living is perfect for urbanites – central locations, a comfortable environment for both living and working, as well as a more spacious feel compared to a small office or shoebox condominium.

Soho At Central Clarke Quay

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In space-crunched Singapore, residential units are getting smaller in size. Shoebox units are sprouting up everywhere in Singapore; there is barely much space left to walk around in these units after putting in a queen-sized bed in the room. Compared to a shoebox apartment, buyers of SOHO units get to enjoy the vertical space even if the horizontal area is on par. SOHO units come with a ceiling height of more than 3 meters and stretch beyond 4 meters for some ground and top floor units.

With a high ceiling, buyers of SOHO units can have the option to enjoy additional platform furniture in their unit. This is an extra 5 sqm of space which is not calculated in the total unit area, thus lowering the property’s psf price.

Buyers who like the loft-style living will also have more advantage with a SOHO unit as it provides a more affordable option. The ceiling height for a loft apartment and a SOHO apartment might be comparative, but buyers will not need to pay the dual floor plate price for a SOHO office space options.

Flexible Space

Soho Singapore For Rent & Sale

There is so much you can do to make your home classy and fully utilise the vertical spaces. For instance, full-length wall bookshelves with rolling ladders that will bring a touch of sophistication to your home. Or how about hoisting up your bikes to save ground space? Or using the wall space you have as a projector screen for stay-in movie nights.

In some cases, developers are offering buyers of SOHO units without the platform furniture. The price will, therefore, be lower, and buyers enjoy the spaciousness of a high ceiling unit. Buyers can always have the platform furniture built-in themselves if they decide to have it in the future too. As these are temporary structures and are considered part of the interior design, buyers need not worry about getting planning permission.

More benefits

SOHO units are also mostly located in strategic location providing end users with great convenience to amenities and transportations. They also present a great opportunity as rental apartments for expats who would appreciate the SOHO-lifestyle.

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The SOHO units will make a great environment for small business owners who want a classy property in which they can conduct both business meetings with clients, as well as a self-styled space matching their individual personalities. If the idea of hitting the gym during lunch time at work sounds like a very good idea to you, then a soho at Central Clarke Quay will definitely suit you.

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